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At Murf AI, we're excited to offer a variety of products, including Text to Speech, Voice Changer, Voice Cloning, and API Services.

Discover a variety of products from Murf AI, including:

  1. Text to Speech
  2. Voice Over Video
  3. Voice Changer
  4. Text to Speech: Google Slides Add On
  5. Voice Cloning
  6. API

Text to Speech

Tired of hearing monotonous, robotic-sounding voiceovers? Not anymore. With Murf, enhance the quality of your content with compelling, nuanced, and natural sounding text-to-speech that replicate the subtleties of human voice.

Voice Settings

Fine-tune your voiceover narration and add more character to an AI voice with features such as Emphasis, Pronunciation, Speed, and more! From inviting and conversational to excited and loud to empathetic and authoritative, we have AI voices that span different intonations and emotions.

Languages and Accents

Murf AI text-to-speech (TTS) supports Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, and Turkish.

Some of these languages also support multiple accents. For example, our English language AI voices support British, Australian, American, Scotland, and Indian accents. Our Spanish AI voices support Mexican and Spain accents.

Users can access Murf text-to-speech services to convert their text into natural sounding speech in five simple steps:

  1. Enter or copy-paste your script or upload an existing text doc to Murf Studio.
  2. Choose an AI voice of your choice from an extensive range of 120+ AI voices across 20+ languages and accents.
  3. Use voice customizations like pitch, pause, speed, and more to fine-tune your voice further over. Want to include images or videos in your voiceover? Simply upload the required media to the Studio text editor and sync the image/video with your voiceover by adjusting the timeline.
  4. You can also add background music to your voiceover by choosing a soundtrack from Murf’s royalty-free library of 8000+ background music and sound clips.
  5. You can also edit text once before clicking on the play button to ‘render’ and watch your voiceover come to life.

It's that easy and simple!

Voice Over Video

Adding a professional-sounding voice-over to your explainer video can boost its effectiveness by triggering certain emotions in your customers. Voice-over video adds depth to any storyline and makes it authentic—two of the key elements for winning the audience’s attention and trust. In other words, the right voiceover enables viewers to connect emotionally with a product. 

That said, a voiceover proves immensely valuable when you need to convey complicated or more involved information. If your explainer video focuses on how to use your product and there is something more involved to it than just clicking a button, a voiceover is the perfect solution to disperse dense information in a quick and easily digestible manner. 

 Here is a step-by-step guide to help you add voice-over video with Murf Studio's voice-over maker : 

  1. Upload an existing video or type in/copy-paste your script to Murf’s text editor. 
  2. Choose an AI voice of your choice from the 120+ natural-sounding voices offered by the Studio in 20 different languages.
  3. Use voice customizations offered by the Studio to customize the voiceover for your video. Murf lets you change the pitch and speed, adjust the volume, modify the pronunciation of words, add emphasis, and more. 
  4. You can also include background music to your video from Murf’s library of royalty-free soundtracks.  
  5. Click on the 'play' button to generate the final voiceover. You can also preview it and make the necessary changes before you can download the entire video. 

Text to Speech: Google Slides Add On

Create voiceovers for your slides instantly.

With a simple add-on, you can now write and edit your voice-over script while creating your presentations on Google Slides. You have complete control over your slides and voice-over.

Choose a voice that suits the tone of your presentation

Creating impactful voice-over presentations means nailing the right tone and delivery of your narration. If you are wondering how to add audio to Google Slides, this new add-on not only allows you to write and edit voice-over scripts but play all the available AI voices in your subscription plan and choose the ones that fit your presentation the best.

Automated Time Syncing with slides

Use Murf voice-over Google Slides to sync the narration to your presentation automatically. As you add a script for your voiceover for each slide, your slides will appear during the presentation according to the time of the voiceover attributed to that slide.

  1. Install the Google Slides Murf add-on from here.

  2. Open a new presentation in  Google Slides and switch on the Add-on from the top toolbar. Click “Open Murf” from the Addons menu.

  3. Write the voiceover script for each slide on the right side.

  4. Choose a voice for your narration from the catalog of Murf’s AI voices available.

  5. Click “Build Video” to create the voiceover presentation.

Voice Changer

The challenge is that not all of us have a lovely radio-sounding voice like Morgan Freeman. So to produce a studio-quality voiceover, you don’t have to be professional like Freeman. Murf lets you change your unprofessional home recording to a professional AI voice. With Murf's voice changer, you decide how you want to be heard.

Here is a step-by-step guide to using the voice changer functionality on Murf to convert a male voice to a female voice:

  1. Open Murf Studio and click on the ‘Voice Changer’ option on the left side of the screen.
  2. Upload your voice recording to the Studio. Murf immediately transcribes the video and displays the text on its text editor. Edit the text according to your voiceover script and save the changes made.
  3. Select a female AI voice of your choice from Murf’s library of 120+ voices in 20+ languages across different accents, styles, and tonalities. You can also choose multiple voices for different text blocks.
  4. Add images, videos, background music, or custom sound effects to your voiceover and sync them together by making adjustments in time.
  5.  Click on the play button to render the voiceover. Preview and download the final file.

Tada, you now have a voice-over video with a professional-sounding female AI voice.

Voice Cloning

Voice cloning helps you create your identity through voice and create dynamic and iterable voice content. You can leverage voice cloning for everything - from interactive voice responses (IVR) to advertisements to character voices. 

But with so many software’s in the global voice cloning market out there, it might be overwhelming for you to choose the best one. With Murf’s voice cloning technology, you can now clone the voice of voice actors of your choice anytime from anywhere (provided you have the legal rights to do so). 

Not just that, Murf’s team will work with you and your voice artist to create voice clones with different tonalities so that you can have a voice clone for every situation. All the voice clones will be safe with us, and you and your team will have exclusive access to them. 

Murf’s synthetic voices allow businesses to access their favorite voices 24 x 7 through Murf Studio. So, if you’re in the middle of a large-scale content creation project, you can do it more efficiently. Murf understands the pain of every content creator, and so it helps you speed up your content production through quality audio content. Sign up for a demo of Murf’s AI voice cloning today and take full creative control of your project. 

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With the world rapidly transitioning from written word to spoken voice, there is a rising need for voice-related technologies. Today, people opt to listen to books rather than read them, voice to-do tasks to voice assistants instead of jotting them down, and so on. This is where voice-over APIs like Murf text-to-speech API serve as an easy way to make text-to-speech even more efficient, streamlined, and resource-light. Integrate Murf text-to-speech API seamlessly with your system and become an effective voice-over generating machine—no complex coding required.

There are several factors that make Murf the best text-to-speech API on the market. One is the fact that the platform supports multiple dialects and accents. For example, Murf supports AI voices in American English, British English and African American English. 

With Murf's text-to-speech API, you can also control the way every voiceover sounds. You can customize the voiceover using Pitch, Style and speed of the narration API parameters.

We would love to work with you! If you’re interested in trying out our API services for your business, you can just head to the following page and submit the form. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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