Creating your first Voice Over

Wondering how to create your first voice over? Look no further. This quick video will have you up and ready in no time.

Step 1: Enter your script

  • You can enter your script in 3 ways:
    • Typing into the text box
    • Copying and pasting your content
    • Importing a word or text file
Paste Preferences
After pasting your script, you will come across a Paste Preference screen where you can select how to divide your script into blocks and sub-blocks based on the content type. For instance, for long scripts, we recommend "Split Script by Paragraphs," for short ones - "Split Script by Sentences," and we also provide the option "Don't Split."

Step 2: Select a voice

  • Now that your script is complete, it's time to find the perfect voice to bring it to life. With over 120 voices available in 20 languages, we know the options can seem overwhelming. That's why we offer filters to help narrow down your search by language, gender, age group, and use-case. By selecting the right voice, you can ensure your project has a realistic and engaging voiceover.
    • Langauge
    • Gender
    • Age Group
    • Use - Case

It's important to consider the use-case filter when selecting a voice, as it sets the foundation for a realistic voiceover. For instance, an e-learning or documentary voice may not be suitable for an advertisement or marketing video, just as an energetic advertisement voice may not be the best fit for an IVR script.


Step 3: Render and Preview

Now that your script is complete, it's time to hear it come to life with the perfect voice.

Simply click on the hollow play buttons to render your script and give it a listen. Once the script has finished rendering, the button will turn black and you're ready to play it.


You can render and preview your script at 3 levels

  1. Sub-Block: To hear a specific sentence, simply click on the play button next to the sub-block it belongs to.
  2. Block: To render all the sub-blocks present within the block, simply click on the play button located at the block level.
  3. Project: To hear your entire project come to life, simply click on the play button located on the timeline. This will render all blocks and their corresponding sub-blocks.

Step 4: Export and Download [Paid Feature]

Now that your project is complete and ready to go, it's time to export and download it. We provide a variety of export formats and qualities to choose from, tailored to your specific use case.

Please note that access to the Export and Download feature requires a paid plan.