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Murf Voices Installer for Windows

Raise your content creation now by integrating natural-sounding Murf voices into a plethora of Windows applications in just a few steps. (Pro and Enterprise Only)

Simple to install. Simpler to use

Murf Voices provides a seamless experience for enhancing audio content on Windows applications compatible with Microsoft SAPI for voices and narrations.

With a diverse range of voices in multiple languages, customization options, and a straightforward installation process, Murf Voices empowers users to create engaging audio experiences effortlessly.


Installing Murf Voices

  • Download and Install Murf Voices Installer and Log In
    • Download the app here.
    • Install the application and log in to your Murf account.
  • Choose Your Voice
    • Browse through 120+ voices in 20+ languages.
    • Select the voice that suits your content.
  • Customize Your Voice
    • Personalize voice style, pitch, and speed.
    • Preview your choices before finalizing.
  • Click 'Install'
    • Once satisfied, click 'Install' to add the selected voice to your Windows applications.
  • Restart Your Applications
    • Open or restart your Windows applications to start using the newly installed voice.

Murf Voices Compatibility

Murf Voices seamlessly integrates with various applications, including:

  • Adobe Captivate: Enhance e-learning experiences with realistic voiceovers.

  • Adobe Captivate Classic: Create e-learning content with natural-sounding voices.

  • Adobe Audition: Amplify audio content with natural-sounding voiceovers.

  • Panopreter, Microsoft Narrator, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Murf account to download the Windows application?

Yes, a Murf account is required to log onto the desktop platform. Basic/free users can preview voices, while downloading and installing are limited to Enterprise and Pro users.

Can I duplicate voices on Murf Voices Installer?

Yes, you can duplicate voices by providing a custom name to avoid overwriting.

Can I change my voice selection later?

Certainly! You can change your voice selection anytime by repeating the customization and installation process.

Troubleshooting Steps for Windows Voices Installer Application

1. Application Issues

a. Login Issues:

  1. Check for a stable internet connection.

  2. Ensure the firewall is not blocking the Murf application.

  3. Close the application from the system tray and relaunch it.

b. Render Issue:

  1. Close and restart the application from the system tray.

  2. Reset the application from the Settings page (note: Resetting removes installed voices).

  3. Close the application through the task manager.

    • Press the Windows key and search "Task Manager."

    • Find the Murf Windows installer, right-click, and select "End Task."

  4. Obtain App logs for installer issues and voice logs for Adobe Captivate or third-party SAPI apps.

2. User-Facing Issues on Adobe Captivate or 3rd Party SAPI Apps

"Something Went Wrong" Error:

  1. Close Murf voices installer and terminate 3rd party applications.

  2. Check for updates on Microsoft Store.

  3. Reset the application from the Settings page.

  4. Close Murf Windows application and 3rd party SAPI tools through the task manager.

  5. Obtain logs files for analysis.

  6. Restart the system if issues persist.

3. Voices Not Shown on Adobe Captivate (3rd Party SAPI Tools)

  1. Kill the application (Adobe Captivate or 3rd party SAPI) and restart.

  2. If the issue persists, close the application from Task Manager and restart.

4. Crash Issue

If the Windows installer or any third-party application crashes:

  • Launch the installed app to download logs (voice and app) for developer support.

5. Plan Upgrade Not Reflected in the App

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Click on "Change Workspace."

  3. Select the workspace again.

6. Internet Connection Issue

  1. Ensure a stable internet connection for rendering projects.

  2. Without internet, rendering from 3rd party applications may result in an audio error.

7. Rendered Audio Plays "Something Went Wrong"

  1. Close Adobe Captivate or 3rd party tools and check Task Manager.

  2. If running in the background, relaunch the application.

  3. If issues persist, restart the system.


  • Viewer Access: Viewer/Restricted Viewer users can't access the workspace.

  • Voice Installation: Free/Basic plan users need to upgrade to Pro or Enterprise for voice installation.

Audio Error Messages

Users may encounter audio errors in the following scenarios:

  • Internet connection issues.

  • Decommissioned or retired voices.

  • Outdated Murf Voices installer application.

  • Profanity in the text.

  • Sign-out application error.

  • Text limit exceeded (1000 characters).

  • Unexpected errors.

  • Attempting to render with Free or Basic plan.

  • VGT limit exceeded for Pro plan users.