Timeline: Introduction

The timeline plays a vital role in synchronising your voice over with your media files and carrying out specific media and block related tasks.

Table of Contents:

  • The timeline consists of 3 tracks
    • Voice Over Track: The Voice Over Track is where your voice blocks from the script editor appear.
    • Image and Video Track: Images and videos can be added to the timeline from your local storage or the Stock library and will appear in the Image and Video Track.
    • Background Music Track: The Background Music Track will automatically display any audio or background music tracks you upload from your local storage or Stock Library.
  • It is important to note that assets in the timeline are automatically left-aligned and cannot be freely placed with gaps in between.

IToaddress this limitation; we utilize placeholder blocks and silence audio tracks.

  • The timeline and preview panel will be hidden by default for projects that involve only audio. Nevertheless, they can be manually expanded and collapsed.
  • The timeline and video panel will expand automatically when adding media files or creating a video project.

Expand and Collapse

  • The bottom timeline can either be collapsed or expanded.
  • For projects with only text, the timeline will be hidden by default. 


To change the size of the timeline, you can either use the zoom slider present on it or use the following shortcuts:

  • Hover over the timeline and use the scroll function with a mouse
  • Pinch and zoom when using a trackpad

If you're experiencing difficulty resizing a media file on the timeline, it may be because the timeline is zoomed out too much, causing the resize slider to be hidden. To remedy this, simply increase the timeline's zoom level, and the resize slider will become visible.

Rearrange Voice Over and Media Blocks

It is also possible to rearrange the timeline's voice and media blocks by dragging and dropping them.

Delete Voice Over and Media Blocks

Additionally, you can delete any voice or media blocks by right-clicking and using the Delete option or the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Del or Cmd + Del.