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Payment failed or didn't complete

If you are experiencing payment failures or unsuccessful transactions, here is a list of common issues and their corresponding solutions.


If you're experiencing card payment errors, learn how to fix them.

Do you have sufficient funds?

Before attempting to pay, verifying that you have adequate funds in your account to cover the cost is important. If your balance is insufficient, consider using a different payment method to complete the transaction. Please refer to our accepted payment methods page to learn more about the payment methods we accept.

Is your card expired or invalid?

Make sure your card number and expiration date are accurate. Go to the Billing & Payments tab under Workspace Settings to update your stored card details.

Does your bank or card provider authorize your transaction?

It's essential to confirm with your bank or card provider whether the transaction is authorized or not. This helps you understand why the payment failed and what steps to take to resolve the issue.

Is your card type supported?

We accept the following cards:

  • American Express
  • Diners
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Is your card activated?

If you've recently received a new card, activate it before using it for payment. This will ensure that the transaction goes through smoothly and without any issues.

Are online/international purchases authorized?

Before attempting an online or international purchase, you must check with your bank or card provider if your card is authorized for such transactions. This will help prevent any payment errors and ensure a seamless transaction process.

Is your card allowed to make transactions in the suggested currency?

Please ensure your card can transact in USD; all our plans are charged in this currency. This will help you avoid payment errors and ensure a smooth transaction process.

Is your billing address' country, and ZIP code correct?

Double-check the accuracy of your country and ZIP code details provided during payment to avoid any errors.

Debit Cards - It's essential to remember that local transaction laws may restrict recurring payments made with debit cards. If you encounter any issues with your debit card payment, such as failing or not allowing for a renewal payment, we recommend contacting your issuing bank for further assistance.

Failed payments can lead to a loss of carried over VGT.