Cancelling your Murf subscription

Murf provides users the option to cancel their subscription upon demand directly from the Workspace Settings interface. To avoid unplanned charges, we recommend cancelling your plan at least a day before it renews.

Cancel your Murf plan

  • Head to Workspace Settings
  • Under "Subscription" > Cancel Plan > Continue to cancel
  • Select a primary reason from the list and share your comments.
  • Cancel Subscription
Please note that the cancelation takes effect at the end of your current billing period. Until then, you have access to paid features. Click here to learn what happens to your account after canceling.  Or learn how to pause your subscription.

Here are our refund terms and conditions. If you are eligible for a refund, kindly contact us via chat or email

If your plan has been renewed recently and you would like a cancellation and refund, kindly email us  and our team will happy to help you!