Camtasia: Troubleshooting Guide


After analyzing the feedback received regarding issues encountered when working with Murf audio files in Camtasia, it has been determined that these problems result from certain software limitations.

Here are some of the issues that have been reported:

  • Audio that appears garbled or muffled
  • Missing waveforms for some or all parts of the audio track
  • Occasional skipping of a few words during previewing in Camtasia

In light of the extensive investigation into commonly reported issues, it has been determined that these problems are isolated incidents in Camtasia. The dedicated technical team at Camtasia is actively working towards resolving these issues and providing effective solutions. 


Based on suggestions from Camtasia tech support and feedback from users in community forums on the Techsmith Camtasia support center, we highly recommend using WAV or any audio file with a sampling rate of 44.1Khz or 48Khz when importing audio into your Camtasia project. 

We recommend that users export their projects exclusively through either Block export or Project export. When exporting the voiceover, it is recommended to select a WAV or any audio format with a sampling rate of 48Khz.

Here are some troubleshooting articles shared by Camtasia for missing waveforms:

Moreover, our dedicated team is diligently conducting experiments to explore potential solutions that will empower our users to work with the Murf voiceover files in Camtasia effortlessly.

If you encounter any other issues with Camtasia while using a Murf voiceover, we encourage you to contact us through chat or email. We’re here to help you in any way we can.