About Murf's AI Voices

Murf AI collaborates with seasoned voice actors to offer unique AI voices for various use cases including E-Learning, Audiobooks, Advertisements, Documentaries, Explainer Videos, Product Demos, YouTube, IVR and IR Recordings, and more.

AI voices are created by training machine learning algorithms on the recorded voices of professional voice actors. Hence, they can transform the text into human-sounding voice-overs using speech synthesis.

At Murf Studio, we're proud to offer text-to-speech capabilities in 20 different languages. Our selection includes various accents and age categories, providing over 130 unique voice options for your needs.

Voices Menu

To access the language and voice options available in Murf Studio, head to our Text to Speech page or click the Explore AI Voices option in the Studio's side menu.

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You can use the voice selector menu to filter options based on language, accent, gender, age group, plan, and use case.

Additionally, you can preview the available voices by clicking the play button and adding them to your favorites. You can also apply your preferred voice to the entire project directly within the voices menu.


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Finding the perfect voice for your project!