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Why was I charged twice in one month?

This could occur if you have more than one Murf account or if your previous cycle payment failed and was received on a later date.

If you're subscribed to the Basic, Pro, or Enterprise plan, your billing cycle is either monthly or annually. In the event that you see an extra charge on your bill before or after your billing date, there are a few things you should investigate.

Check if a failed payment pushed through after several attempts

If your Murf plan fails to charge on your billing date, we will attempt to charge your registered payment method up to five times within seven days. It's possible that one of these attempts may succeed, even if it's close to your next billing date. This may result in a charge that appears as if you were billed twice, but it's just for the ongoing billing cycle and not a new one.

If your card was charged after multiple paid attempts, the charge would be for the ongoing billing cycle and not a new cycle. 

Example: Say your billing date is 1st of Jan and the payment fails. The system will retry the payment for the next 7 days. If the payment goes through during this time (say on 6th of Jan), the payment would be for the cycle of 1st Jan to 1st Feb and not a new cycle of 6th Jan to 6th Feb.

Check if you have more than one Murf account

If you received another charge for a Murf plan, it might be possible that you have other accounts subscribed to one of our plans.

This can occur if you signed up for Murf using various email addresses, such as one for personal use and another for work, or through different platforms like Google, Microsoft, or Slack.

  • If you have your invoice number, kindly contact us on chat or email and we'll help you locate your registered account.
  • If you don’t have your order number, try logging in to your accounts one by one. Go to the  Billing & Payments tab in Workspace Settings to view invoices billed to that account. 

After finding the account being charged, you can do the following:

  • Cancel the ongoing plan
  • Remove the stored payment method
  • Delete the account (if you don't want to keep it)

If you can’t remember your login details for your other accounts, you can reset your password from the login page. If you’re unable to find the account being charged, please reach out to our support team via email or chat and we'll help you find the account.