Voice + Music Export

Voice + Music


Formats Supported

  • MP3: Widely used digital audio format known for its small file size and good sound quality.
  • WAV: Uncompressed audio format that offers high quality sound but produces large file sizes.
  • FLAC:  A lossless audio format that provides high quality sound without compromising file size.
  • a-LAW & μ-LAW: Audio compression formats that are commonly used in telephony and digital voice recording.

Download As

  • Audio files can be downloaded as a Single File, or a ZIP folder with the each block and sub-block split into individual audio files.


  • Low:
    • Sampling Rate: 8 KHz
    • Bit Depth/Resolution: 16bit
  • Medium
    • Sampling Rate: 24 KHz
    • Bit Depth/Resolution: 16bit
  • High
    • Sampling Rate: 48 KHz
    • Bit Depth/Resolution: 16bit


  • Stereo: Stereo audio contains two channels, typically left and right, that create a sense of spatial dimension and separation between sounds. Stereo audio can create a more immersive and realistic listening experience.
  • Mono:  Mono audio, on the other hand, only has one channel, resulting in a single audio source that is played through both speakers. Mono audio is commonly used for voice recordings and podcasts.

We do not provide the option to export only Music tracks.

YouTube Code

For those using soundtracks from our Stock Library in their projects, we automatically generate a YouTube Code to prevent any potential copyright issues when uploading to YouTube. Learn more about this here.