Video Export

Our platform provides the convenience of exporting your video in both MP4 and MOV formats while also allowing you to include your script as subtitles.

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Support Formats

  • MP4 
  • MOV

Include subtitle in video

Murf studio allows you to add subtitles to your video. While downloading a video, you can tick the option "Include subtitles in the video." 

Subtitles not appearing in your video?
No worries - they just need to be enabled in your media player. Simply head to the subtitles menu within your player and turn them on.

If you prefer, you can also download the project's script as an SRT or VTT file and simply place it in the same folder as the video file. This will enable the subtitles to appear automatically without any hassle.

YouTube Code

For those using soundtracks from our Stock Library in their projects, we automatically generate a YouTube Code to prevent any potential copyright issues when uploading to YouTube. Learn more about this here.