Signing In

Sign in with Google

If you previously registered with your Google account, you can easily log in to your Murf account using the Google Sign In option.

Sign in with Microsoft

If you previously signed up for Murf using your Microsoft account, logging in with the same credentials is as easy as a single click.

Sign in with Slack

For those who registered with their Slack account, logging in to your Murf account via Slack would allow you to log in to the same Murf account. 

Facebook Sign In Discontinued

The option to sign up with Murf using Facebook has been discontinued from the platform, effective April 2023. If you already have an existing account linked with Facebook, here are two ways to access your Murf account:

  1. Users who signed up using the Facebook email address: On the Login page, you can type in the same email and click on Forgot Password. You will be asked to verify the email ownership, post which you can access your Murf account.

  2. Users who signed up using Facebook phone number: Please write to us at or via Chat support. We'll help you get access to your Murf account. You will need an email id to access your account.