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Finding the right voice

With over 120 voices available in 20 languages, we know the options can seem overwhelming. That's why we offer filters to help narrow down your search by language, gender, age group, and use-case. Here's a video to help you choose voices.


Experience the perfect voice for your voiceover with Murf Academy's extensive collection of 120+ versatile voices! Utilize our cutting-edge AI voice generator and text-to-speech technology to explore a wide range of voices in over 20 languages.

Easily filter by gender, age group, and use case to discover your ideal match. Enhance your voiceover even further with Voice Styles, which offer various tones such as sad, cheerful, or whispering to create the perfect atmosphere.

Whether it's for podcasts, audiobooks, or e-learning videos, you can effortlessly apply your chosen voice to individual blocks or the entire project. In just a few simple steps, generate a captivating voiceover for your entire project and breathe life into your script.