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What are Projects in Murf Studio? 

Projects are where you seamlessly create, edit, customise, and share voiceovers in a well-organised workflow. Each new project created consumes one project credit and the number of project credits available are subject to your plan’s limit.

For eg., a Creator plan with 5 projects indicates that a total of 5 projects can be saved within your workspace at any given time.

What if I need more projects than I have in my plan limit? 

If you require additional projects beyond your plan's limit, you have the option to

  • Upgrade to a Business/Enterprise Plan
  • Purchase a plan with more projects.
  • Remove existing projects to create new ones.

Will project credits be allocated every month?

Project credits are not allocated on a monthly basis. The maximum number of projects in your workspace is determined by the project credits included in your plan, regardless of whether it is a monthly or yearly subscription.

What happens to my Projects when I cancel my plan? 

Your Projects will be deleted 90 days after your last billing date.

I am a registered Business. Can I use Murf’s creator Plan? 

For businesses, choosing the Business Plan over the Creator Plan is recommended. The Business Plan offers licensing specifically designed for commercial use, making it the best option for businesses like yours.


What happens if I downgrade my subscription plan?

Downgrading your plan may result in exceeding project limits and storage capacity. As a result, all existing projects may be placed in a locked state, restricting editing capabilities.

Can I still access my locked projects after downgrading?

While projects are locked in read-only mode, users on a paid plan can still download them if they've been rendered. However, editing or creating new projects will be restricted until project limits are adjusted.

How can I unlock my projects after downgrading?

To unlock projects, users must either delete some projects to meet plan limits or upgrade to a higher plan with sufficient project slots.

What if I cancel my plan with existing projects?

Cancelling your plan with existing projects will result in all projects being locked. Users must either delete projects to create new ones or purchase a plan with adequate project slots to unlock existing projects.

Can I download my projects if I downgrade to a free plan?

Users on a free plan cannot download pre-rendered files of locked projects. Upgrading to a paid plan or deleting projects to unlock others are the available options.