Getting familiar with the Studio

Welcome to the first screen of your project creation process! Here, we'll explore the different elements that are displayed and their functions.

Voices and Language Library

Explore over 120 voices offered in Murf Studio across 20 languages and refine your search using our intuitive filter to find the perfect voice for your specific needs.

Upload Media + Stock Media Library

This section allows you to effortlessly browse, import, and upload media files from your local storage. Additionally, you can discover our vast collection of royalty-free stock images, videos, and background tracks.

Text Editor

This is where you'll find the text editor, where you can easily populate all of your blocks and sub-blocks. Once you select a block, you can access a variety of voice settings, including tone, speed, pitch, and pause. For more information on the text editor, check out our Block and Sub-Block guide.

Account Usage Tracker

Here, you can easily access information on your account's Voice Generation Time and Transcription Minutes consumption, Account Storage, and Project size.

Export Menu

Explore a variety of export formats to select from and conveniently cue your project for download while also keeping track of your previous downloads.

Share Project

With the ability to generate a shareable link for your project, sharing it with individuals outside of your Murf Workspace is made simple. This link can also be utilized to preview the final output of your project before exporting.