Known Issues When Importing Voiceover from Murf in Camtasia

Some customers encounter issues when using voiceover files from Murf in Camtasia, such as garbled audio, missing waveforms, and word skips during preview. This article provides insights, troubleshooting tips, and workarounds for these problems.


Some of our valued customers have reported encountering issues when working with Camtasia using voiceover files exported from Murf. These issues include garbled or muffled audio, missing waveforms in parts of the audio track, and occasional word skips during preview in Camtasia. This help centre article aims to provide insights into these problems and offer troubleshooting tips and workarounds.


Upon thorough investigation, we have identified that these issues are primarily related to certain limitations within Camtasia. Based on recommendations from Camtasia tech support in support tickets and insights shared by the Camtasia user community on Techsmith’s support centre, we strongly advise using WAV or any audio file with a sampling rate of either 44.1 KHz or 48 KHz when importing audio into your Camtasia project.

Troubleshooting and Workarounds

1. Missing Waveforms

If you encounter missing waveforms in your Camtasia project, we recommend following these troubleshooting steps:

2. Garbled/Muffled Audio and Word Skips

For issues related to garbled or muffled audio and occasional word skips during preview, the general solution recommended by Camtasia tech support and the user community is to use a 48 KHz WAV audio file in your projects. While most users have reported success with this approach, please note that a small number of users still experienced the issue.


In conclusion, the reported issues when importing voiceover from Murf into Camtasia are known limitations within Camtasia itself. The Camtasia technical team is actively working to resolve these issues. Meanwhile, we are also exploring potential solutions to help our users work seamlessly with Murf voiceover files in Camtasia.

As a current best practice, we recommend that our users export their projects using either the Block export or Project export options in Murf. When exporting voiceovers, select the WAV or any audio format with a 48KHz sampling rate for optimal results.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via chat or email if you encounter any other issues when using Murf voiceovers in Camtasia.