General Tax Information

At Murf, we take your organization's tax obligations seriously and aim to provide you with all the information you need. We are committed to handling these obligations from our end and resolving any unique situations that may arise.


Murf Inc. is obligated to collect and impose state taxes such as sales taxes, gross receipts taxes, and certain telecommunications taxes from customers in particular states where Murf Inc. holds a physical presence or sustains a significant market based on its sales and transactions with customers, subject to state-specific regulations.

It should be noted that customers residing in states where Murf Inc.'s services are not subject to state or local taxes are not required to have these taxes collected by Murf Inc., regardless of Murf Inc.'s physical presence or sales/transaction volume in that particular state. However, it is essential to be aware that customers may still be obligated to self-report and remit use tax (on purchases) in certain state and local jurisdictions that would subject Murf Inc.'s services to tax, even if Murf Inc. is not required to charge and collect sales tax on the transaction.

Upon collecting state taxes, Murf Inc. will remit the total amount to the appropriate state taxing authorities on behalf of our customers. The specific type and amount of tax collected depends upon the customer's location, the nature of the products/services purchased, and the state and local jurisdiction regulations.

Suppose you are in a foreign country where EU VAT is being assessed and have not yet provided Murf with your VAT ID number. In that case, you will notice that the VAT charge is displayed directly on your invoice for each service provided, along with a summary at the end of your invoice.

For customers residing in the United States, taxes will be displayed on your invoice. It's important to note that this may include local taxes not previously charged.

For additional information regarding tax information specific to your country, we recommend reviewing the following articles:


Every customer is unique, and so are their specific tax circumstances. The above-stated information should not be considered tax advice but rather a general overview of relevant tax rules. Murf cannot provide you with tax advice for your individual situation, and therefore we strongly recommend speaking with a professional tax advisor for tailored advice.