How to play the full project?

Build and Preview


Build and Preview

When you're all set with your project, or if you just want to see the whole thing in action with your voiceover, images/videos, and tunes, all you need to do is build it by hitting the Play button on the timeline. 

And just like the Generate buttons, if the Project Play button is hollow, it means your project still needs to be built; if it's filled, it's ready for preview!

Any changes made to the project will cause the play button to turn hollow again. Changes include:

  • Changing voice settings
  • Editing the text content
  • Adding or Removing media assets
  • Changing the Volume
  • Changing the Video resolution

If you happen to upload a video with a high resolution and notice it appears in a lower resolution in the preview panel, there is no need to worry.

The project preview is generated at a lower resolution to speed up rendering time. However, when exporting your video or using the Share link, the resolution will match your original video.