Signing Up

You can create a Murf account using your Google, Microsoft, or Slack account or with an email address and password.

Sign up with Google

A quick way to sign up! If you are an existing or a new user, this option lets you log in to Murf using your existing Google account, which you already use with Gmail, Play, Photos and other Google services. 

Sign up with Microsoft

Signing up with your Microsoft account is the simplest method to begin using our product if you already have a Microsoft account. You can use your existing login credentials and get started immediately. This option is ideal for those who have invested significantly in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Sign up with Slack

You can sign up for our product using your Slack account if you are a Slack user. You do not need to establish a new account and can reuse your existing login credentials. 

Users in mainland China may encounter difficulty logging in using any of the accounts mentioned earlier due to the Chinese government's restrictions on Google services. Users can still create an account and access our product using the email ID and password option. 

Email ID and Password

This option is recommended if you have a work email, a non-google email, or want to set a unique password for Murf login only.

After entering the email address and password, click on Create Account.

Before signing up, we recommend you accept Murf's privacy policy and terms of service.

It is mandatory to use passwords of at least eight (8) characters or more (longer is better) for passwords. This may include combining uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters to make it more secure. However, this is not mandatory for setting a password.