How to apply the voice to the entire project?

Simply click on the 3 dots within a block and click on Apply to Project.

There are 2 ways to apply your voice for the entire project. 

  1. From the Voice Selector Menu
  2. From Block Settings

Voice Selector Menu

To apply a voice to the entire project, preview the voices in the voice menu, enable the ‘Apply voice to entire project’ checkbox, and select the desired voice.


Block Settings

To apply a voice to the entire project, first, select the desired block. Then, modify the voice by clicking on the three dots and selecting “Apply to Project.” Finally, choose the desired settings and click on “Apply” to save the changes.


You also have the option to apply these voice settings to your entire project. You have the flexibility to choose whether to apply all of the settings or only select a few.

  • Voice
  • Voice Style
  • Speed
  • Pitch