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Understanding Folders

Folders are a great way to organize your projects & collaborate with teammates. Sharing folders helps you collaborate & get feedback faster. You can access Folder on Workspace.

Folders work differently based on your role in a Workspace and your Workspace’s plan.

Free, Basic & Pro Plans 

  • Unlimited Folders can be created & shared.
  • Only Public folders are available. All folders are visible & accessible to every user who is part of the Workspace as an Admin, Editor or Viewer. To create private folders, you will need an enterprise plan
  • Nested Folders are not available. Folders can only be nested at one level. You cannot create folders within folders.
  • Admins & Editors can access and edit the properties of a folder. They can also edit all the projects inside a folder. Viewers can only view & comment on the projects inside folders.

Enterprise Plan

  • Unlimited Folders, both Public & Private, can be created & shared.
  • Nested Folders are available on the Enterprise plan for better organization. You can create unlimited Nested folders (Nested folders are Folders inside a folder).
  • Nested Folders (Folders inside any folder) are not shareable.
  • Only Admin Users can access all the Folders & Projects.
  • Editors & Viewers can only access folders & projects that are shared with them.

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