Editor Role

Editors can create, edit, view, share & comment on the contents of workspace, folders and projects depending on their access permissions. Editors are paid roles linked to a paid workspace plan and are priced per seat.

All plans

  • Editors have full access to all features of Murf studio
  • Editors can create, edit, share and view all folders & projects of a workspace depending on the plan & access permissions.
  • Like viewers, Editors can comment on projects.
  • Editors can edit text or generate audio from text in any project they have access to.
  • Editors can invite any number of viewers to projects they can access in all plans.

Basic / Pro


  • Editors in the Enterprise plan can access content shared with them explicitly. Admins on the Enterprise plan can control the Editor access.
  • Only admins can invite other editors to the workspace or folders in the enterprise plan.