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Creating a Project

The first step towards creating a voice over is to create your project. Projects are created from within your workspace.

Creating a new project is easy! Simply navigate to a workspace of your choosing. From there, you have the option to either create the project within the global team workspace or directly within a folder or sub-folder. It's that simple!


After clicking on Create Project, a page will appear giving you the opportunity to:

  • Name your project
  • Select which folder you'd like to create it within
  • Select between Audio or Video Project
  • Select a category that best describes your project
  • When choosing between an Audio or Video project, the Audio option hides the timeline and preview panel by default to give you more space for your script editor. But don't worry, you can easily expand these features once you're inside the project.
  • Selecting a category that describes your project is an important step towards improving the Studio and launching more features. Don't worry, it won't hinder your project in any way.