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Creating a Sub Folder

Sub folders can help you organize your work at a more granular level. You can create a folder inside a folder at multiple levels and are available only on Enterprise Plans and are identified by a yellow folder icon.


  • Once a folder has been created, a sub-folder can be created by clicking on Create Sub Folder from the top right of the page. 
  • Name the Folder. Subfolders derive their sharing permissions from the Parent folder. There are no Sharing/Permission settings at the Subfolder level.
    E.g., Sub Folder created inside a Public Folder will be public, and a Subfolder created inside a Private Folder/Shared Folder will be Private/Shared with the same users.
  • You cannot invite team members, co-workers or stakeholders to edit/view a Subfolder.
  • You can see the location of the Sub Folder as well.
  • Click on Create to complete creating a new Sub Folder
  • You can see all your Sub Folders from Home > Folders or on the Sidebar by clicking on >. Yellow-colored icons identify Sub Folders with their respective names on the sidebar.

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