Voice Cloning Process

Receive Script from Murf > Record > Submit

Here is a brief on the process that we follow:

  • Murf will have the script prepared and shared to record/read for a specified tonality.
  • We would require ~1-2 hrs. of recordings for a given voice style. The recording must be noise-free and should have been done in a professional studio environment.
  • The output should be a WAV file (Sample Rate: 48kHz, Bits per sample:16).
  • You can also create different styles for the same voice; however, for each such style, a separate script with its corresponding recording data would be required.
  • Once all the recording data is shared with us, we would require anywhere between 1-4 weeks to create an AI Avatar.

You will own the rights to the custom voice and can also use it for commercial purposes.

Please refer to the Voice Cloning page and the FAQs for more information about the feature and the process.


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