Admin and Owners

Admins are paid roles (like editors) linked to a paid workspace plan. Admins can change settings & manage members of the workspace; Can create, edit, view, share & comment on all contents of the workspace, folders and projects.

  • Regardless of the plan, every workspace must have at least 1 admin. Admins have full access to all features of Murf Studio.
  • Admins have all the privileges of Editors and Viewers and also can manage workspace settings (billing, access control etc.,)
  • Admins can edit the roles of editors & viewers and manage Workspace and Subscription settings.
  • Admins can delete workspaces, folders or projects and change the privacy settings of folders or projects from public to private.

Users who create a workspace, folder, subfolder or project are defined as Owners. Owners can delete what they own anytime.

The Owner of a workspace can also transfer their ownership to a member of their team.