Admin & IT Admin

Admins can change settings, manage members of the workspace, and collaborate on projects. IT Admins can only manage Workspace Settings and Payment information.


  • Regardless of the plan, every workspace must have at least 1 administrator. Admins have full access to all features of Murf Studio.
  • Admins Can:
    • View and Edit Projects
    • Add and Remove team members
    • Create and Delete projects, folders, and sub-folders.
    • Manage privacy permissions of folders.
  • Admins Cannot:
    • Delete Workspace
    • Manage Payment Information

IT Admin

  • The IT Admin role does not occupy a seat from your subscription. 
  • IT Admin Can
    • Manage Payment Information
    • Add and Delete users
    • Assign Roles
  • IT Admins Cannot
    • View, Edit or Collaborate on projects
    • Create and Delete projects, folders, and sub-folders
    • Manage privacy permissions of folders